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Antoine Vriens – Standing nude “Nu Debout” 1932

The visual artist Antoine Vriens (1902-1987) made figures, memorials and portraits, and he had a preference for making sculptures of female nudes, such as this sculpture, entitled “Nu Debout.”
He was influenced in his sculpture by Aristide Maillol, among others. He participated in several salons in Belgium and the World Exhibitions in Brussels in 1935, where possibly this sculpture was also exhibited, and in New York in 1939, and in Brussels in 1958.
Furthermore, he won the Prix de Rome in 1929, Concours Godecharle 1924, 1927, Prix des Arts Décoratifs de la province du Brabant 1931, Prix de sculpture de l’Académie de Bruxelles 1934, Médaille d’argent à Milan 1936 en the Médaille d’or Paris 1937.

This sculpture is executed in patinated plaster and dated 1932. It was a design for a bronze version.
The representation is an upright naked woman holding her arms above her head.
Due to the somewhat masculine design of the woman, you can recognize the influence of the visual artist Maillol.

Signature / Marks

Signed on the pedestal by the artist


115cm / 45.3"


€ 5,500.-

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