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Daum Nancy “Saules soleil couchant”

An Art Nouveau vase of clear glass with an etched decoration of willow trees with setting sun.
The fond is made of glass with red and yellow glass powders symbolizing the setting sun. The vase is mouth-blown in the mold. The detailing of the leaves is engraved with the wheel. The various layers of glass from which the decor is etched are applied quite thickly. Signature written in black letters at the bottom of the vase Daum-Nancy. This vase is quite rare.

About the factory Daum Nancy:
The glass factory Daum Nancy was founded by brothers Auguste Daum (1825-1909) and Antonin Daum (1864-1931). They developed the Art Nouveau style for glass objects in the late 19th century. For this, they received The “Grand Prix” medal at the World’s Fair of 1900 which focused entirely on Art Nouveau in the world of applied arts.

The Art Nouveau style of vases was characterized by borrowing motifs from nature that were depicted as faithfully as possible, usually plants or flowers. The technique involved etching several layers of glass, creating the decor on a fond of glass colored by glass powders. Working with glass powders to color the fond at the Daum Nancy factory was an important difference from the other glass factory in Nancy, the Gallé establishment. In this factory, the fond was colored by working with acids.

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Clotilde Bacri, Noel Daum, Daum, Milan 1992.

Collection du Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, Daum, Nancy, 2000.

Signature / Marks

Signed on the bottom with 'Daum Nancy'


29cm / 11.4"



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