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Gouda Zuid-Holland vase 1899

An Art Nouveau vase from the pottery factory Zuid-Holland in Gouda with a hand-painted floral decor.

In the early period of the Zuid-Holland pottery factory in Gouda, it was the individual painters themselves who determined the design and painting. Painters can therefore clearly be recognized by their way of painting. After 1911, more factory production was established with standard patterns.
Until 1910, the painting was applied to the porous biscuit with high melting point metal oxides, then covered with a glaze and then fired in the oven. The brushstroke often remained visible with this method of painting because the metal oxides did not fuse with the shard and the glaze. The visible brushstrokes in the painting are often reminiscent of a watercolor. These brushstrokes are also clearly visible in this vase from Zuid-Holland.

This vase typically has the characteristics of Rozenburg eggshell porcelain vases. Many painters moved from The Hague to Gouda and sometimes stayed there for a short time, because they could earn more elsewhere.

The model of this tall vase can be seen in miniature at Rozenburg. The method of painting with thin lines and dots on the semi-abstract floral decor also corresponds to the paintings on the eggshell porcelain vases.

The exact year is difficult to determine, as W.A. Muller only came to work at the Zuid-Holland pottery factory in 1900, and the year letter B indicates that the vase was made in 1899.
The Lazarus gate on the bottom indicates with its double layer that it is one of the first vases from Zuid-Holland.


W.A. Muller


letters PB: 1899


18.1" / 46cm

Object no.: 11744 Category:

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