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Rozenburg Den-Haag – Eggshell porcelain cup and saucer with pink floral decoration

An art nouveau cup and saucer made of eggshell porcelain with a floral decor. The cup and saucer have the same decoration, sometimes a saucer has a different, different decoration. It was part of a whole series with this decoration. In the collection of Art Deco Doesburg there is also a basket-vase with this decor of purple flowers.

About the eggshell porcelain of Rozenburg
Originally, this very thin porcelain comes from China and was made in the Ming dynasty around 1400. Jurriaan Kok, director of the Rozenburg plate factory in The Hague, redeveloped this type of porcelain and its production began in 1899. For a long time, the process remained a secret.
The term eggshell refers only to the thickness of the porcelain, not the color. After the so-called Biscuit firing at high temperature, there was such a smooth surface of the fired porcelain that the practiced painter could paint the decor well on this surface. Sometimes several painters worked on a decor because of the complexity of the decoration. Samuel Schellink was a well-known painter of the Rozenburg eggshell porcelain. J.W. van Rossum also painted many eggshell porcelain vases and he is the painter of this cup and saucer, while the painter of the basket-vase with the same decor is Samuel Schellink.

Rozenburg 1893-1917, History of a factory in The Hague, Haags Gemeentemuseum, 1983

Signature / Marks

Rozenburg Den Haag


J. W. van Rossum




werkorder nummer 544

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