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Colenbrander, RAM Arnhem – Earthenware vase with decor Hol

An earthenware vase by the designer Colenbrander with an abstract and whimsical decor called “Hol”. This vase is also hand-painted in bright, light and contrasting colors.

The vase was made at the RAM pottery factory in Arnhem.

About the designer Theo Colenbrander
Theo Colenbrander was born in Doesburg in 1841 and died in Laag-Keppel in 1930. As an artist he is internationally known for his bright use of color, whimsical decorations and sometimes unusual shapes. With his use of color and bold decorations that moved far away from a naturalistic representation, he was an important representative of Dutch Art Nouveau.
He had his own unique style that he developed while still working at the Rozenburg pottery factory in the 19th century. His designs were used there for a long time to produce vases, after he had long left this pottery factory.
Some special examples by Theo Colenbrander can be seen in the Regional Museum in Doesburg.


13cm / 5.11"


±1924 (signed with year character C)



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