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Jean Ortis / Amadeo Gennarelli – Bronze figure


A light green-brown patinated bronze sculpture of a seated woman on a canvas with her hand to her head in a languorous pose titled “Ecstasy.”
The sculpture was made using the lost wax technique, meaning it was cast in one piece in the mold. It is signed Jean Ortis, a pseudonym for Amadeo Gennarelli.

About the artist
Amadeo Gennarelli was born in Naples in 1881 and died in France in 1943. He emigrated to Paris in 1909 after training as a sculptor in Italy, where he came under the influence of the new Art Deco art movement. He worked mostly in bronze and sometimes in marble.

Alberto Shayo, Statuettes of the Art Deco.
Bryan Catley, Art Deco and Other Figures.

Signature / Marks

Foundry mark: Susse Frères, Signed on the socle with 'J. Ortis', the real name of the artist who signed mostly with Amadeo Gennarelli


41cm / 16.1"


43cm / 16.9"



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